Published 27. August 2021

Polarteknik has today launched Smart Partition Wall, an all-new solution for railway passenger compartment division. Through a one-piece combination of a partition wall, a modern 55” OLED display and a cyber secure door control unit, the solution meets the customer-driven need for increased onboard safety, compliance and travel comfort.

Released today, Polarteknik’s Smart Partition Wall is a one-piece solution for railway rolling stock that combines compartment partition with onboard information and entertainment. Customer-tailored to meet international and national requirements, the solution is aimed for the global markets.

“We can see clear customer demand for more cyber secure and IoT ready solutions, and Smart Partition Wall is here to address these needs. In addition to its comprehensive technical and compliance assets, the inbuilt 55-inch OLED display allows for effortless onboard information provision and entertainment”, says Polarteknik’s Managing Director Tomi Ojala.

The solution is designed and manufactured by Polarteknik and it fits various train configurations. Several variables allow for tailoring according to customer needs and preferences, including door drive location and direction, dimensions, surface treatment and compliance validation. The solution addresses customer needs related to acoustics and privacy, air conditioning, visuality and travel comfort.

“Polarteknik Smart partition is Cyber ready in terms of the door operation, communication and maintenance capabilities with the NEW D56 Door controller. The door drive is the same high quality, low LCC unit Polarteknik customers have enjoyed for years and the new control unit brings on the new possibilities of data driven added values like predictive maintenance and centralized software updates”,  says Business Development Director Mika Korhonen.

“Exposure to customers so far has produced a highly positive welcome. Our customers are looking to have more benefits packed in fewer elements, and that is exactly what we now bring onto the market”, Korhonen says.

Smart Partition Wall is available for orders starting 27 August 2021.

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Tomi Ojala, Managing Director
Phone: +358 207 709 521

Mika Korhonen, Business Development Director
Phone: +358 207 709 569