Project Details

CLIENT: Northern Rail, Arriva Trains Wales.

Project Description

Train Door Solutions (TDS) have designed and developed a valve module for the Voith turbo transmission that is used on all Class 15X rail cars with diesel engine drives.

The TDS gearbox valve module was designed as a direct replacement for the existing module, which suffers from poor reliability due to its susceptibility to air supply contamination. The new unit also offers improved spare part cost and availability.

Atkins Rail has independently reviewed the TDS gearbox valve module against mandatory requirements and has concluded that it does not impact group standards. The module is physically a direct replacement for the existing item, performs an identical function and is similar in performance and weight to the existing valve module.

TDS have currently manufactured and supplied gearbox valve modules to Arriva Trains Wale for their Class 153 fleet of rail cars. The units have been in service since 2003 without any reported failures. The unit is provided with a full 12 months warranty and no routine maintenance is required between C6 overhaul periods.

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