Project Details

CLIENT: South West Trains.

Project Description

The Class 450 First class door re-install was Train Door Solutions (TDS) first project with leading railway vehicle builder Siemens.

Originally the Class 450 Desiro units had a first class carriage but the door systems were removed and the carriage converted to standard class.

In 2013 Train Door Solutions were contracted by Siemens to undertake the re-installation of all the First Class door systems to re-instate the First Class compartments.

The fleet is operated by South West Trains.

During the project Train Door Solutions worked with assistance from Siemens and re-installed 28 single and double panel doors.

The first phase of the project involved the checking, repairing and testing of the door system components. Once this was completed Train Door Solutions sent engineers to Siemens Strawberry Hill depot where the two doors per carriage were re-installed. After final testing the newly completed units were returned to service.

The parts are provided with a full 12 month warranty.

The improved door system includes the following:

  • First Class Interior Door – Double Leaf.
  • First Class Interior Door – Single Leaf.
  • Pneumatically operated with DCU control.
  • Original OEM IMI Norgren.

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