This document explains the procedure for the monitoring of modified door systems for service trials and C6 overhaul to ensure that failures are managed should they occur during normal service.

Once the equipment has been installed and set-up by TDS engineering staff in accordance with the relevant TDS Field Modification Instruction the following procedure should be followed.

a) If the modification of doorset/s is part of a service trial TDS will attend the TOC’s depot to check the function of the door system at every vehicle B exam or every 6 weeks whichever is the sooner. Between B exams it is the responsibility of the TOC’s maintenance engineers to monitor the door system function and performance.

b) If the modification of door sets is part of a scheduled C6 overhaul it is the responsibility of the TOC’s maintenance engineers to monitor the door system function and performance during vehicle exams

c) All failures or abnormal function should be reported to TDS immediately using the Fault Report form (below). TDS will evaluate the reported fault and decide whether the likely cause is minor and is simple to rectify i.e. by re-adjustment.

d) If the fault is minor,it will be corrected by the TOC’s engineering staff. TDS will provide telephone support as required. The fault and rectification should be recorded on the Fault Report and sent to TDS for logging.

e) If the cause of the failure cannot be identified or the failure puts the door in an unsafe condition the door should be placed out-of-service immediately.

Within 48 hours of receiving the notification TDS will send an engineer to the depot to investigate and rectify the fault and put the door system back in normal safe running condition. The TDS engineer will record the fault using the Fault Report. A copy of the Fault Report will be logged at TDS and a copy given to the TOC for their records.

A list of failure scenarios for the modified door system with possible cause and the action on how to rectify the fault are show at the rear of the relevant TDS Vehicle Maintenance Instruction.

All failures or abnormal functions that occur on the modified door system during service trail or C6 overhaul must be recorded on the attached Fault Report Log by either the TOC’s engineers or TDS engineers as described above. All suspected faults must be assessed by TOC engineers prior to call out of TDS. TDS will charge standard rates for site visits resulting from unsubstantiated claims. TDS will log all the faults for analysis and these will be discussed on a monthly basis or at the end of any service trial.

Any difficulties applying this procedure should be reported to TDS by calling 01908 265652.