Project Details

CLIENT: Northern Rail, Arriva Trains Wales

Project Description

Train Door Solutions (TDS) has designed, installed and supplied key parts for upgrading Class 143 and 144 passenger door systems. This upgrade is also available for Class 142.

The Class 144 project was sponsored by Porterbrook Leasing and the Class 142 was sponsored by Angel Trains.

In addition TDS overhauled the lock mechanisms with a new lock actuator, lock switch and lock lever. The new system is designed as a direct replacement for the existing system. All new components have service proven history and are manufactured on behalf of TDS by the industries top suppliers.

The parts from TDS have improved the reliability and performance of the door system. Functionality and safety of the system has been maintained. Interfleet Technology has independently reviewed the door system upgrade against mandatory requirements and have granted engineering acceptance.

TDS have recently been awarded contracts to overhaul the door mechanism with new bearings, guide rollers and door seals as well as fitting of new door control equipment.

The parts are provided with a full 12 month warranty.

The system consists of the following new parts:

  • Door Actuator
  • Door Control Plate
  • Air Supply Filter/Regulator Module
  • All necessary Fittings and Tubing

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